• _griffin_ 10w

    The epitaph

    Here lies the broken pieces of a man born to serve and sacrifice
    His service to her broke him numerous times over
    His eyes teared and fell out of their sockets
    His lips covered in the perspiration of doubt
    His brow wet as the oceans of pain
    His heart though broken remains with his assailant...
    A trophy of her prowess
    A show of her devastating powers
    The words she spoke to soothe she spoke to destroy
    Never forget the man who fell...
    This is the epitaph of love himself
    And love that lonely wanderer feels the pangs of whatever it is left in him
    Your smile still carries him
    Your words comfort his glass shards
    You make whole his half stars....
    And with his silence and death emotions with your name on them dwell...
    Awaiting the gates of heaven to open for while on Earth your hatred to him was hell....