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    D n A (Chapter 4)

    Dolly: w-what.. why are you here-

    Avinash: why did you lie?

    Dolly: how did you know that I lied?

    Avinash: So did you lie?

    Dolly: when did I said that I lied

    [Avinash pulls Dolly close and kisses her
    Suddenly Dolly pushes him away]

    Avinash: why are you pushing me off?

    [Dolly pulls him closer and kisses him]

    *Drop creaking sound*

    [Dolly pushes Avinash away]

    Avinash: hide hide!!

    Dolly: idiot, why'd I hide.. you should hide!

    Avinash: Oh yeah, i should hide!

    Dolly: Go-go and hide somewhere!!

    Avinash: alright, I'll hide in the bathroom.

    [Avinash hides inside the bathroom. Dolly opens the door, it's her mom]

    Dolly (murmuring to herself): uh-oh, I'm dead!

    [Dolly's mom enters into her room]

    Conversation between Dolly and her mom

    Mom: why are you still awake dear?

    Dolly: uh I couldn't sleep mom.
    Why are you hear mom, why haven't you slept yet?

    Mom: well I heard some sounds so I came here

    Dolly: w-what sounds?

    Mom: I don't know

    Dolly: ah common mom then why I couldn't hear anything?

    Mom: alright my dear, go to sleep. Don't stay up, it's already late!

    [Meanwhile in washroom Avinash saw dolly's "phata hua underwear" and kept it in his pocket. So that he can tease her later.]

    *Mom leaves closing the door behind her*

    [Avinash still tries to eavesdrop, little did he know that her mom left. Suddenly he falls]

    Avinash: did she leave?

    Dolly: yes, come out.

    Avinash: um.. well, then should I leave?

    Dolly: um, stay for a while?

    Avinash: Dolly, I want clarity regarding our relationship. You know simply I can't ditch Sowji, right?

    Dolly: I know, I know that but-
    Alright, tell me one thing.. you don't love me anymore?

    [Meanwhile Avinash looking at dolls boobs]

    Avinash: I don't know, you wanted to end, right? Now, aren't you afraid of your brother?

    Dolly: I didn't mean that but I didn't have any other choice.

    Avinash: So, you left me?
    Now I will also leave you, because I don't have any freakin' choice.

    [Dolly starts sobbing]

    *Meanwhile someone knocks on the door*

    [To be continued]

    - Bhargavi aka Dolly (orotund)

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    Uh-oh! Another knock on the door? This time, who'd it be? Who do you think it is? Well, let me know in comments. Also, I hope you're enjoying read it.


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    D n A (Chapter 4)