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    Each time I enter into an exam Hall
    And the instruction reads attempt all questions
    Approaching these questions has taught me how to try all options in life without giving up...As i wake up 4am each day, to read and prepare for shortgun before coming to school. Attending 8am lectures has kept me on my toes, To be prepared for anything that comes my way.

    After drawing at 3 consecutive times in my histology manual and I got 4/10 and the lecturer keep telling us to draw what we see, then I told myself I need to draw what the lecturer is seeing. This has made me know that we see things differently in life.
    After doing histo pathology and Dr Akanbi insisted that we must see the histological lesions on the slide, I saw the redness and the presence of microbes, then I understand life won't all be rosy, the redness shows the tough side of life.

    As Dr Jegede shared his clinical experience with us during wildlife, how some client cry when they lose their dog, while some had laughed and said "I will get a new one, don't worry about the operation"... With this I know that our response towards situation are different.

    After scoring 10/30 in one of my test, I went back to meet the lecturer, sir the difference between what I wrote and what my friends had written were negligible, you could have scored me half sir, The lecturer smiled and said Femi, we don't train half doctors, we train full doctors... Then I understood that "what I am is what I am and I need to be sure of what I know"

    In pharmacology class, Prof Ambali emphasise on the statement all drugs are poisonous and the difference is there dosage... With this I understood that all humans are weak and their weaknesses reminds them of who they are.

    All I see in histology is a flowing river with sands at the top, yet they call it different names like stratified squamous epithelium, adipocytes, connective tissue...
    Then I kept looking like lucosade and watching like Washington DC. With this I know that people might tag me with a lot of names, but these names don't define who I am.