• alisdaire_ocaoimph 11w

    It so gatherd

    It is here where
    The drab of the tongue
    Dribbles out upon the evenings crack
    Dresses deep in fundamental frolic
    The odes of life.
    Where smiles break the horizons
    Unite and fashions the world aglow
    Into words,friendships, deeds
    The seeds, that are life.
    It's the brothers soul
    That dressed with ale
    Invigorates us all
    Upon the smack
    That words hinge and fill
    To a moment, a space in time
    To the cup, aye the pint
    And the bond of friendship.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph

    Written 4 years ago
    Sharing a night in Ashville NC, with the great Scots singer Dougie MacLean, and what blessings life bestows with new friends like Bill Gardner.....a majicialnight as a Scot would say, and it was thanks Kat Evans,for the persistence. And Dougie i must say is oneof the most humble and down to earth men I have ever come to know.