• roxana91 9w


    How can I measure the kilometers between us?
    How many are actually?
    When I cling to your skin,
    I feel your heart running as far as possible.

    I thought if we lived together,
    We would be more united than ever,
    But every time I try to talk with you,
    I know you are unable.

    You sleep next to me,
    Your eyes are closed,
    But you don't even know,
    How much pain your behavior brings me.

    I know you want her to be in my place,
    But you don't have the courage to tell me,
    That she's the reason you're hiding
    Taking you miles.
    Even though you're still here,
    On the same pillow with my head.

    It is easier for you to play with two souls
    Than to choose only one,
    And to be happy with your choice.
    But who am I to stand
    In the way of your happiness now?

    To be just a wall behind which to hide
    Your true feelings for someone else,
    I think I deserve more than your indifference.

    How can I measure the kilometers between us?
    How many were there in the beginning,
    And how many more are now,
    To collect them together?

    I don't know either the number,
    Those kilometers are only a sum.
    The are the true feelings between souls.