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    Report #2 - Emma Greaves: 05052138

    There have been plenty of photos and an active social media account of “Emma Greaves” — or at least, that’s what the owner calls herself. There are many people of the same name, but this person looks very much like the one who allegedly killed herself a few years ago.

    I’m still investigating it, but it looks like Watson isn’t keen on the idea of sharing the case. Frankly, I don’t want to either, but if we both want in on the case, I’m pretty sure sharing it will be the most peaceful way to go about it. However, Watson has other ideas.

    We got into a small spat, but other than that we avoided each other and did our own thing.

    We visited an old house — from 2005. It’s old but in great condition. Still, we found traces of someone living in it; very recent signs of life. A witness claimed to see a woman walking in and out of the abandoned house for a few weeks, but a few days ago she stopped living in there.

    We’re still investigating and asking around.

    Some people believe that Emma Greaves came back from the dead. That she’s a vengeful ghost. Some speculate that she never died at all. Others say we’re being led on a wild goose chase, going after her doppelganger. But something tells me that this Emma Greaves is the one who committed suicide a few years ago.

    They held a funeral, buried her and everything.

    But then... How is it that she still seems to be alive?

    — May 5, 2138
    — 15:39:17
    — Elle Raymond