• shibbydiaries 6w

    Appreciation:A twelve letters' word which won't cost you anything with much efforts but it can make a human's life beautiful,motivated and energetic. We all are artists of our and each others' lives painting our destinies with our hands but what if the paintbrush falls down out of lack of motivation,spur and zeal? What if no one's there to raise hands and applaud for the creation he's creating or created? What if his colours left unsung? That artist (human being)is probably gonna feel discouraged and low and might get on the verge of stepping back which can be as fatal as death.No one is in thirst of admiration unless he has done something captivating and worth and he wishes to be served with it. To grow,you should help others too to grow. Apparently it's going to add up in your life only. Helping each other and applauding on a certain cause will set out that person out in happiness. To survive in this world,we all need to be praising hands for each other but not jealousy dwellers. If you truly feel something eminent and excellent,go and give a shoutout to that work or person. It may ponder some of your elation and joy over another one. Energies of universe distinctively work upon the philosophy of 'give and take'. Come on! Make other souls feel elated and righteous, happiness will knock back to you.
    With love