• diaryofmoyo 5w

    What is love?
    Is it a feeling or a word for description
    Is love visible in her sky blue eyes
    Or Is it that gentle caress of her palm on your skin
    Is it the tight warm hug on a cold day?

    Is it that red dress she wore last night
    Or the kiss you had in the rain
    Is love the beautiful scent of her oiled hair
    Is it the glow of her skin

    Is it those three special words you exchanged
    Is it how jealous you get when she's with someone else
    Or is it the promise you made to never leave

    Is love the delicious meals she makes
    Is it her funniness
    Is it the warmness your friends has towards her
    Or is it how your mum wants you to two getting married

    Is it the tears she shed on your shoulder
    Is it the careful wipe of your thumb across her face
    Or is it the soft moans that escape her lips while you make love

    Is love to be seen or felt
    Maybe it's both?
    Maybe it's a fictional story?
    Maybe love only exists in movies
    Or love is just an abstract noun after all..........

    ~ Moyo