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    _________________JUST A DREAM________________
    ______________________Part 2_____________________
    _________________Room number 22______________

    Many questions were boggling our mind like where it is kept, how can a bird do such thing and many more.
    We followed the jeep on our scooty and parked it way before the jeep took a turn into an old building.
    The bird was kept in one of the many rooms that were lined up with room numbers written on each one of them.
    It was not police station but an abandoned school.
    Two constables were guarding the gate of room number 22.
    There was no chance of getting a sight of that bird but then we saw that one by one some street kids were going in the room beside the bird's room (room number 21) and were coming back astonished.
    We went into the room and saw there was a window that connected the two rooms and a tall teenager was peeping inside the room. He wasn't moving at all just fixated his eyes in one direction.
    Ashish shook the guy and told him to go away.
    He was reacting as if he was being hypnotized and we pulled him out of it.
    When he left we peeped into the window and saw that bird.
    Really strange to look at.
    A very uncommon trait.
    But what scared me more were its eyes.
    Its eyes were crimson red, no pupil and it rarely blinked.

    One of the constables shouted seeing us and we ran out from the other door.
    He was chasing us so Ashish and I decided to get split up.
    He ran behind Ashish to catch him (as it was easy).
    I stopped in the playground to catch my breath.
    Sitting down, taking the support of a pillar I was relaxing that's when I saw the same tall teenager sitting just like me resting on another pillar few metres away.
    I stood up and started walking away from him and then faster when I saw something scary as hell.
    His eyes turned crimson red, no pupil and he wasn't blinking at all just like that bird.
    I started running ��.
    He was looking lazy to stand up.
    He first threw a pebble at me which I caught and threw away.
    Then he threw a piece of a marble with more force as I had gone farther.
    I ran faster to save myself and now looking in the direction of my motion.
    But to my surprise he was now standing on the right side 10 feet away from me.
    I ran the fastest I could.
    He started appearing in flashes, alternatively on right and left side and in each flash the distance between me and him kept on reducing.
    I was running so fast that I stumbled upon my own steps, fell down and rolled twice.
    I was petrified as if it was the end of my life.
    Feeling helpless and unable to stand up, I started crawling backwards lying on the floor.
    He was nowhere to be found as far as my eyes could see.��
    Suddenly, I was stopped by something behind me.
    There was something behind me as hard as a rock and my hands were pressing something sharp.
    It were the toes.
    I looked up and found the red eyes staring into mine.
    A drop of blood dripped out of his red eyes and fell in my left eye.
    It was searing and was burning my eye that's when I woke up and found I was sweating as if I was working out for hours, my heart was pounding so fast that it was about to reach my mouth and I was gasping and wheezing.
    A small insect went into my left eye.
    I washed my eyes and drank a lot of water.

    One thing is sure - the dream may or may not be related to the real world but your fear, anger, love or hate all feelings are for real.


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    Part 2
    (Room number 22)