• guria_jayas 24w

    Come I will portray you

    In the dim light of moon
    Which would be my painting hall
    Come I will portray you
    In my thoughts out of your call

    I will cross my fingers in your chubby cheeks
    And from your pimples to your dimple
    And will carve the feelings out of your head
    Just looking into your eyes for simple

    I will talk to you whole night to morning
    Till the moon diminishes in the sky
    Till the red Sun starts the journey at east
    Till every bird in the nest decides to fly

    I will carve your smile to cover a lot mile
    I will carve your eyes like a sculpture of a wise
    I will let you go and tell me your fun and worries
    I will catch your side and will allow you to rise

    So you can come to me in the dim light of the moon
    Waiting for you is not horrible, still try to come soon
    As the night bird will sing it's melody to us
    And before it stops, let's catch it's tune