• scribbling_reality 5w


    I stand tall in front of this wall,
    packed with photographs of dark storm.
    As my hands closed and pockets were filled,
    Sugar burnt my mouth with tears still.
    The spoon was served with burning flames
    it burnt my tongue but kept my smile same.

    The grass was greener when we walked around,
    Without our masks we were breathing this town.
    Smoke was there fading our eyes,
    But no smog could choke our bright blue sky.

    We walked around the pond,
    Climbed to that sky,
    Covered our feet with sand,
    And felt that zephyr sigh.

    Obscuring thoughts knocks your door,
    Without any tussle the distance grew.
    Dissipated bond evaporated in the sky,
    Formulated into clouds and heavy cries.
    Crashed with agony and down on my knees,
    No help soughted to isolate this weak.
    Still the sugar is in my mouth,
    And i'm burning my tongue loud !