• thallatrisha 5w

    6)Here even if our fd or your fd is commenting on your or our stars post (which peopl do its quite normal) about the lead pair you should ignore..this is a piece of advice to both the fandoms..I'd say if you'll have so much problem dont comment on their respective posts..I never did..End of the stroy!! What's the need to ignite fire..
    7) Dont act as if you never saw the same scene repeating in itv many times..these sought of scenes are compulsion when there is a tifft between the husband wife..many scenes happened like that..there is no need of making a big issue out of it..so stop saying this copy copy copy thing in scenes okay!!
    8) We all know which came out first that should be enough to give answers to your doubts like male lead name , house name , storyline etc etc..I dont know what more things u guys are comparing..!!
    9) Immj2 makes sense to us and any problem in our fandom is within our fandom as end of the day we are a family and we will stand as a family always..

    Our Immj2 fandom never trolled you'll so there is no need of your fandom to troll us also!! You have your views we have ours ..your happy with yours we are happy with ours..our taste in series dosent match that will do good .you like supernatural drama we like thriller drama you like NAAGIN 5 we like ISHQMEINMARJAWAN 2 ..end of the stroy...✌❤