• justiceb 22w

    ladies we have to stop making excuses for our boys. reciting phrases from our book of excuses like, “boys will be boys.” we need to stop lowering our standards & expectations. we need to teach our boys that speaking derogatory tongue twist sin in attempt to compliment our physique isn’t cute. boys are possessed with a sharp slit tongue. we tend to admire when boys say things like they like the way our ass moves when i walk. but do they know how some of us struggle with mental health? how we cry ourselves to sleep & question our significance? we need to stop teaching our boys it is ok to behave in that manner because “they are boys.” we need to stop allowing our boys to make love to nameless hips & blame us for his sin. we need to tell our boys love isn’t a one way street. boys will be boys is no longer an excuse ladies!
    - Justice