• iinkkers 6w


    The leaves sheds upon my heavy heart attacking myself. I was a little surprised when i realized I'm not that person who was always happy determined towards her own work. The situations i was suffering with held me towards depression. Sitting anxiously depreessed in a corner crying for the sins i was unknown. My half was teaeing apart but my parents didn't care. I told my own problems to them but they didn't even care inspite they also laughed at my circumstances. I'm apraid to face someone at my school because they laugh at my existence.
    I wasn't appreciated for my inner beauty as for those who believes in outer appearance. They never judged me when i was little tot but as time grew me , everything looks horrifying. People's eyes shivers my whole body and ache my heart. I was a girl with messy hairs , joined eyebrows and hairs on uper lips seems much like a light mustache. I was criticized everytime and they all knock me down. I was just 13 years old girl whose appearance tangled their heads. I lost my smile , my happiness and my courage. When i was in school people used to ask me how ugly you're, don't you have shame? And this completely touched my heart. I cut my wrist 3 times but my motive was never to hurt my life. My friend just came to me and said , " let your tears nourish your seeds and let them grow stronger from inside out". Beside being broken it made me stronger. Yeah bulling makes me stronger and i work hard on my face and my body language. I went parlours and doctors. Today i wonder how selfish i was, the beauty is smile and i have the most beautiful smile. No matter what i did was wrong but today I'm happy not with my appearance but with my own happiness that came from inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity. The lessson God wants to teach me was never try to wail upon opinions of sheeps. If you believe in yourself ,you are happy then no one can ever steal that feeling from you. I'm not ashamed of telling past because gradually it made me even stronger than before. No cloud can overcast you presence in this world . Don't let anyone overcome you.