• __sni_pan__ 9w

    If you talk discrimination with me
    I shall wage discrimination on you.
    Forever. Always. For all of eternity

    I can't stand people who talk Racial Pride, Racial Superiority, even in the most subtle undertone. The dumbasses. Idiots.

    P.s: The day I can have understanding for the discriminatory Idiots, I shall apply for sainthood. ������

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    I have immense contempt for
    Anyone who shows their Race
    Ethnicity, Region, Religion, Caste
    Creed, Sect, ANY divisive quality

    ..to be Superior to ANY other People.

    Can't you see, you are born of the same Flesh,
    Blood, Bones and the Elements as the other..!?
    ..and to the same elements, You shall return.

    Can't you see that, Racial Pride begets
    Only darkness, hatred, division
    discrimination and Violence..!?

    Can't you see, there is NO OTHERS..!?

    We hurt the same
    We love the same
    We cry the same
    We bleed the same.

    We are all the same.

    —Grow up. Evolve. Ascend the division.