• sadar_ammar 10w

    Society part one

    For its driving me mad seeing all these people even kids being raped and judged for it
    For they're putting the blame on them making them believe their stupid for feeling this way
    For its a shame that were living in this world filled with people like this
    People who will judge you and call you gay for being raped, that's toxic and many other things
    So why are we still living with it never saying a thing about it?
    Always pushing it away thinking it's not important but it is, isn't it?
    For bringing it up will only do more damage for rape is trauma it isn't easy to get over it
    Fot trying to sound dramatic just saying the truth cause doing this is disgusting to see

    For do I have to it louder for the people in the back to hear cause I'll scream in their ears for them to hear
    For they need to see the suffering they're causing
    For they already feeling guilty so why are you making them feel more guilty and ashamed?
    For they're already trying to forget about but how could they if your like this
    For why are you acting this way your suppose to be cheering them on telling them you can move on, don't you see how toxic you are?
    It's driving me crazy seeing everyone acting this way and saying these things
    For what I'm asking is for you, for them to use their eyes to see what they're causing which is more pain for them

    For they're causing it so why aren't they use they're ears to hear about the pain they're causing
    For they've been telling to repress their emotions for far to long and that's just wrong, no?
    For I know you feel alone but know I'm here for I'm not gonna say these foolish things
    For I'm asking you to put yourself in their shoes I'm wondering if you'll finally see what I'm saying
    For what I'm trying to say is how they're feeling and what you're doing for it is driving me insane
    For seeing you acting this way can't you see their already in pain?
    For they're crying tears at night trying to repress everything for you can't stop yourself but say these things, can you?

    For you're saying you shouldn't feel this way because your man but why does that matter?
    For you're saying you're gay by saying what they've been through but why does that matter?
    For you're blaming them for not speaking about how they feel but isn't you're fault for you kept ignoring them or putting a blind eye to it, no?
    For you've been telling them to repress their feelings for far to long now they don't know how to feel anything, no?
    I'm impressed at you're stupidity for how could you be acting this way?
    Do you even know what you're saying to them and what you're making them feel or are you that blind?
    For not saying any kind words when they need it

    For if you don't got kind words to say then go ahead and walk out that door
    For i couldn't care less about you or what you gotta say if it ain't helping nor is it kind words then walk out that door
    For I don't want to see you're stares at them nor you're laughter
    For they already have been through a lot, don't you see they're in pain so why are you making them feel this way?
    For they're still insecure about everything and still trying to forget everything, don't you see that's already so hard?
    So why are you making it so harder? Do you not have a life no longer or what's you're problem?
    Why are you being the problem and not helping?

    Why are you making them look guilty aren't they the victim?
    Why are you saying all these things making them seem like they're someone they're not, aren't they human as well?
    Why aren't you saying these things or doing anything about the rapist still walking around?
    Why aren't you bothering to help but instead staying there making them feel ashamed, who else feels the same?
    Why are you mistreating a rape victim haven't they already been through enough?
    Don't you know they're already blaming themselves so what you're doing is not helping so stop playing around and start helping cause If you're gonna keep acting this way then leave

    For these unkind words that you may be saying isn't funny if you're joking nor is it helping
    For if you are thinking this is a joke it isn't funny for being a rape victim isn't funny, isn't it?
    For imagine how powerless they feel or the things that's running through they're mind, do you think saying all these unkind things help?
    For imagine their pain and how fearless they are for getting through it all but to end up dealing with you
    For the pain they're dealing with is unbearable for you can imagining it but you can't, can you?
    But they're strong and even stronger having to deal with people like you, no?
    For this isn't a game for if it is its the lamest one but to me cause this is just toxic, isn't it?