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    Yes, It's about Me.
    The one who owns my Name.
    The one who has my Face.
    The one who has my Identity.
    The one who is an answer to my Existence.

    Writing about Me isn't easy as the mind provokes Me in doubting my own perception about being Me.
    It makes me think more than twice that I really belong to this type or this category.

    Putting an individual in a category is the toughest thing I must say.
    One doesn't have only the characteristics that We see.
    They have their way, their mannerism, their view in each and every basic point.
    So, let's not categorise Me.
    Let Me be Me.
    My type is Me type.

    As I said I won't categorise myself, so how would I define Me ?
    The answer is simple.
    I should mention my characteristics, that I feel I have and that represents my details.

    I won't say I'm simple.
    Because sometimes I like to be Weird and sometimes I like to be Gorgeous.
    The word Simple doesn't really fits on Me.
    If there's any word like "Occasionally Beautiful and Weird" it would have defined Me better.

    I think I'm Beautiful.
    There's a reason of mentioning this.
    I learnt that God has made everyone Beautiful.
    I believe in God.
    So I believe in the Saying.

    I am Talented.
    Not in every aspects, but what I do, I try to do it in better way.
    It's totally my point of view.
    I can figure out the things I'm better at.
    So I'm Talented.

    I am Sensitive.
    And I'm sure about it.
    My heart takes even the little things seriously and acts broken.
    Sometimes the emotions emerges instantly without the need.

    Too many Characteristics one has.
    Let Me skip it.
    I'm familiar with Mine.
    Let it remain upto Me.
    So what's the need of describing Me, when not describing the characteristics one has !

    I'm again saying it's isn't easy.
    If I'd described about someone else, I would have described according to my point of view.
    But when it comes to me I feel uneasy.
    No complete description will be there.
    Something must be left unsaid.

    So, I think I should stop this here without any conclusion without any end.
    This is incompletely complete.
    Let Me be Me. #thoughts #diary

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