• pearls_and_blossoms 47w

    Hello there everyone!
    I have started a small diary which is related to a life of a joker.
    Some people need to understand how they feel from inside, and even I can't express it but tried my heart out. I have seen in videos and even reality shows where they make people so happy. But a few can understand the pain between their most funniest makeups and faces.
    So the quotes will be in parts and consider it as a thinking of a joker.
    Until I have mentioned, the parts will be of jokers thinking only.
    I have thought of this idea first time, so feel free to express your thinking.
    I have just mentioned the writings through checking out their world and from my perception.
    Thank you ❤
    #Mirakeeworld #pod #writersnetwork

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    Desolation part 1

    I always try to make those poor, afflicted souls, who are fighting between a world of self destruction and desolation, happy. Because, I never want to see any other person who gives me the definition of myself.