• _delta 6w

    bleeding gums, shivers of numbness, 
    must be the novocaine, the way 
    ivory glistens between my fingers, 
    i speak to the rhythm of betraying 
    heartbeats. everything is black and white
    like how life and death are simply 
    heads and tails of a fortuitous penny 
    lies tails-up upon mud water. sinister, 
    this walk home; the particular way
    my shadow plagues me, holding a knife
    directed toward my throat, one slit, it slithers
    it only amplifies, this unsettling knot, 
    even as the light of my cigarette blots the night
    the smoke like a promise of blurred senses, 
    after all, why stay sober when it hurts?
    the red of my heart stains my fingers, 
    the wanderers, the nomads seeking cure for pain
    but the folds of my brain hold stories 
    which the callused would cower at, 
    even as the rain drizzles, falling dew into black hair, 
    i have only my drunken tears to cradle. 

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