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    I think of no zodiac,isn't that the name for the lame,the signs that tells people who they are when they refuse to spend time finding out,
    the cradle to run to when we see the grave.

    I think of Zodiac
    fake prescription from a fake doctor.
     Another rule another regulation.
    After spending the decade descreating every sacred Altar and sacred foundation because of our Desire to be free,soon we submit to Zodiac,the sign that define who we are,what we do,new age,fools rage.
    New age???thuuuuughhhh

    Zodiac So dear
    Zodiac is not new age,but old age,showing up in new people.
    Zodiac sign is a lie told long enough and everyone now thinks it's the truth....
    Well,since you asked....I respect your Sign but I don't agree with Zodiac and I don't believe in it.

    Zodiac!!! you Mean
    the reason you broke up with your boyfriend,and divorced your husbands....how about cheating and greediness,
    oh Zodiac is the reason you cheated and are greedy??mehn!!!
    Zodiac; reason you stole
    Zodiac; reason you addicted
    Zodiac; reason you react the way you do.
    Lame lines by broke gals...
    I need to date my Zodiac
    So you both can have good days on your good days and bad days on your bad days
    You already fucked before you started

    Zodiac shhhhhh;-
     How about you take responsibility for your Shitty smelly attitudes and Rubbish lifestyle and leave Zo-di-ac out of this.
    How about you find your way to therapy,how about you stop lying....It's inherent in everyone to be bad....that when we do good we must be commended...
    why does every Zodiac have good and bad...why is every one fighting to be different from others...Isn't that obvious.

    Why is Zodiac
    Our new go to Sign
    I know why....because we have fucked every other thing up....and Zodiac is the new Unfucked  territory and we are already fucking it up...

    Since we have refuse to treat the disease,since we have refuse to deal with the heat,since we have believed we can heal by bleeding all over the places and people that didn't cause the Pain....

    since we have chosen to believe that our problem and our success is written in a  Sign called zodiac....

    I will leave it to your conscience,but isn't that also depending on your Zodiac....Ohhhh I am fucked then