• darkness_within 9w

    I'm Breaking Up With You

    Allowing others in through your fence
    Is a difficult task to do
    I had it closed for so long
    Then I had met you
    I never told you my life
    But spoke of my mind
    And that made you run
    It shows how you lied
    Guess right now I should be sad
    Especially after I laid next to you in bed
    But it never went further than a kiss
    Something told me it wouldn't work
    Guess I was right
    You're just like the rest now
    Locked in a cage
    But you're not in my mind
    Because my emotions never blossomed
    I just said the words out loud
    To see if I believed them
    Explains now for the missing tears
    Maybe I'm dead
    Or maybe I just never felt the same
    Cause several signs were there
    And I chose to hear them
    And not be pushed around
    I acted last minute
    But saved myself before it became out of control
    So you can ignore me
    And see me as crazy
    Or respond like an adult
    And we can talk things through
    Either way,
    I'm breaking up with you