• karisma_rajguru 9w

    For you were always enough

    Drops of poetry drips from my wounded soul and creates an art, describing our love,  which we couldn't fulfil, 

    You were enough, never less, never more,

    I was almost, maybe a little less, 

    And every connection that mended our paths was decorated with your delightful sight and melting smile, 

    I have to leave, I said, without any sufficient reasons,  you didn't ask me either, I had to stop near you but it slipped my way and I crossed you, crossed you and your loving smile,  for we, were never meant to be , for I was always almost,  and you were always enough, 

    We intersected at a 3 way road,  and then drifted apart in the opposite directions,  only to distance ourselves  more,  away from every memories and every ounce of future that we saw together,

    All I wished for was your wellness and happiness, and all you wished for, was me, 

    For you were always enough and 

    I was always almost