• bad_man 5w

    The curse of the chest

    His name was Barbaross a mighty pirate that steals and kills a greedy man full of hate and treason , he sails with his dirty crew in the seven seas destroying any ship in his sight with abseloutly no mercy.
    One day far in the sea a small boat was found empty with nothing and no one on it but a chest , a black wooden box written on it " on the light of the moon the chest shall be opened and only its then your deepest wishes must become true "
    The crew obsessed by treasures and gold wanted to open it immediately but the captain refuses brutally "no one but the head of the ship will touch this chest you useless monkeys " "we will take it to the ship and when its time i and only will open it " he said.
    When the dark fallen and the moon lighted the sea the box was token to the surface of the ship. The captain was nervous about what he'll find in it , with hesitation he catches the chest and open it ,there was the surprise what the captain so bad wanted to have !
    "To be continued"
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