• poetviviyanniki 5w

    Purpose Fulfilled.

    Creator. Paths. We overcome. Lessons.
    Blossoming - strength. Courage.
    Bold arrows. Structured flames. Flicker under the moonlight.
    His beard touching her cheek gently, with a smile...
    A bump of rhythms, beat so peacefully. Through the night. Tucked to sleep within, each other's arms.
    Creator. Making you proud. As we drift to sleep.
    Sunrise. A new page was written within.
    Reflects union.

    Free. Free, as I crossed my arms riding my horse. Dark black beauty, long dark golden hairs. Speeding up towards. The mountains. No fear. No worries in the Mountains. But determination... Wise health speaks well. Free, we rode in pea_ce. Joy. Laughter. She sings.
    With a large pure smile.
    Creator. Much gratitude. The strong storms diminished. Though, it did not take her spirit. Alive. Thankful. Time to give back for the ones who did not. Creator. Destiny. You have brought us here. Inshaallah. Journey. Plans. Path. Guiding well._

    A friend once told me. Destiny. Always changes. Looking, between the lines. Our hands. Inner self-reflection. Be kind to yourself. Take good care. Surrounded self with like-minded peaceful content-driven stars... We all connect. Though, block the negative, thriving well with union. Stand path PROUD. With a full heart. That this too shall pass. Pass it with. We got this! - what cannot be changed, can be born.
    Destiny sings within my heartbeat. I am singing. With a smile. V.N