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    Has anyone of you ever experienced the toska shots?
    In a simple language, Toska means the dismay without any reason behind it.
    Actually, let me tell you about the toska shots.
    It's not the actual drink but the drink of your imagination filled with sadness without any justification which causes you distress, pain, and weakens the endurance to survive this life.

    Survive the life, what a humorous term I am saying for sadness without reason, right? But it's true sometimes we ourselves or I should say that I indulge in the try to be under the shadow of dark and stress for a while. I know that deep down it is going to lend me so much pain that even it may get hard to breathe or hope for that one day when she will caress me like the way she always does to the flowers of our garden with the never-ending love. That soothing touch of small hands holds the power to heal the forever wounds like thorns of the rose that always stick to it.
    Whenever you pluck a rose you get hurt by those thorns cause of slaying the beauty holding a rare scent of love.

    Have you ever noticed the constellations in the dusky night? It's now rare you see them as the sky is now more in dark despite having the uncountable stars twinkling every night, trying to nurture its surroundings with its charm. Cause now the change has become more important in the being of a human to realize the true meaning of adoration with gut feeling inducing inside its body. Yes, the gut feeling has now swirl to notations of people stating forget her, leave her, let her live, she loves someone else and She's not worth it, She doesn't love you the way you do, Move on, It's wrong, Don't weak yourself for her and Focus on your life and many more that every time whispers to me the fear of losing her not just in dreams also during the time of the rising sun.
    The dawn of new hope, a new beginning, and many more briefs and definitions are given by the scholars and some of you too in poems.
    But I don't believe in it cause in my life this dawn does rise but ends up sinking in the world without her and with me yet stumbling from my faith in every pray of loving her more every time I lose hope from the spirit exists in uncountable shapes, sizes, and places we call him/her as God.

    I need her, not in this century than in other and nothing can replace the gaiety emotion of finding her around me cause her presence is so much enchanting that even the thorns of flowers do sometimes let her pluck another flower of the natural world but it's just allowed to her as when I first got her sight just one thing flashed in front of me that the whole nature is cherishing the beauty not same wherever some pieces of that kind soul do resemble the part that fills up the sky with birds whispering voices refreshing to the heart, Trees shedding flowers of fruit to praise her beauty, grass getting flattered to let her feel comfy within its appearance.

    I know everything about her and her feelings but How Can I resist my heart to stop feeling for the one he feels its own part or I should say the necessary part to survive or to defeat the life tasks of urging me to forgive and move on again and again whenever I try to love her more and more even if its the last time of me.

    I want her and will always want her only, even it's my death funeral cause her presence will make me alive even if I am still dead as a person but will raise as an immortal soul deeply in love with her like the flowers in the garden hiding its dark side stick to it always to let her touch it and compel it to drown in its essence of love caress over it by her hands wearing a ring with a little piece of the diamond, reflecting the sunshine over her face to overlook the most gorgeous soul inside and out wandering around the flowering ground.

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    Toska, soothing, constellation, dawn, and gaiety are the words of the last vertical line of bingo. I have used it in my piece.

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    Adoration of the touch
    She once caresses him with
    it's not the cheating she did
    But the adoration made her do
    For the one, she never knew
    Again in the foreign field
    She caresses unconditionally
    The flowers with thorns
    bewitched by her hands
    during the time of dawn