• saiharini12 30w


    Closed up. Cold. Uptie. Charmless. Reserved. Rude. Unappealing.
    They called.
    A Great Observer.. A Deep Listener.
    The One who Inherently talks less.
    When does.. Talks with sense.
    Who Stays low key. Minds their own business. Unprovoked by others life.
    Quite sensibly silent.
    Lives well from within.. yet.. Never shows it off. Shuns out the sadness by simplifying life. Uncomplicates to Accomplish.
    En route to self realisation.. Patiently.. walking the buzzling lanes of life.

    Simply A Pearl in a bag of Diamonds!!

    Introversion.. A Gloss so fine..
    That it Glares out all the high drama so vine..
    The mind where.. Peace and Joy..
    shall hive and jive in harmony.
    Certainly a Boon.
    To be introverted by Birth.