• daffodilpearlzz 5w


    ●Shall I write about solitude today?●
    "But do you know what it is?"
    "Oh yes, why not?"
    "It is like the ice-cream, which isn't cold, it is like the hot coffee that has turned cold and it's like the body without a soul in it."
    "By the way, why are you alone?"

    ●Shall I write about a woman today?●
    "But have you met one?"
    "Oh yes."
    "She is the one who lived like the birds with wings, but couldn't fly, the poet with the pen and paper, but no poetry or like the sun with the fire but no light."
    "Wait, did you have wings?"

    ●Shall I write about a hopeless life today?●
    "But have you lived? Atleast once?"
    "Yes? Do you know what it is?"
    "It is like me."