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    To be continued....
    Just an fiction...
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    My transformer (part 2)

    Don't know how
    The god’s holy enchantment
    Gave the old infatuation
    A dreamy enhancement...

    The infatuation slowly
    Turned into love
    I accepted his proposal
    And my mind flew like dove...

    The chemical romance injected
    Inside his veins and mine
    Wanted some more
    More than just sights...

    He kept on giving tries
    Which I always rejected
    But one day he clearly asked
    And I accepted...

    The day I will always remember
    My lips met to his stranger
    Never did I knew
    Why I trusted him and committed this danger...

    The memory of that day
    Was very divine
    But I was in a confusion
    At such an young age “Is it fine?”

    But soon the confusion
    Left the bar
    I concluded that
    Everything is fair in love and war...

    Then many time came the chances
    To repeat the same
    We took the advantage
    And played this sweet game...

    –kanishka meshram