• beaubearic 5w

    If me and drugs switched places

    Have you had a drug
    that felt so right
    so good youd give both your thumbs
    Give up everything in your life
    after just one try
    say fuck it
    I dont care if it kills me
    I'm ready to die?
    Hi my name is irrelevant
    but check out amphetamine
    damn that shits a beau fiend/
    Its robbing, stealing and taking just so it can take a hit of me/
    It doesnt stand a chance/
    In this addiction dance
    And look what we got
    It's a big bag of pot
    It just took a fat rip off beau
    It had a place to go
    But now it's a no show
    Too busy getting high off of beau
    What do ya know
    Never taking it slow
    Oxys gettin hooked to beau
    How many drugs will
    This man kill
    How many pills will he ruin for life
    Just one try and overdose and die
    Why cant they quit him
    All want to be in
    But quiting just ain't in them
    He is a brutal one
    I hope your loved ones black ecstasy and crack can stay back
    Maybe they have a chance
    To beat this addiction dance
    I corrupt the world
    Of major pharmacies
    Handin out beau so freely
    Doctors have my name filled out on the prescription slip before patients come threw that door and give description of mentally sick they give out more and more
    I'm the cause of dealers killin fiends and fiends killin dealers I'm used by presidents, parents, transients and whores I even affect teens and occasionally a totler gets ahold of me
    That's called a tragedy
    And if it weren't for the fact
    That choices are what get me bought and packed
    If I was never put in a sack and sold
    So many would still have their soul
    Their life, kids, wife, house, car, job, teeth and they'd be white, their dignity, pride, potential, motivation, property, ride, credentials, inspiration
    Instead I take all of it and hand you back desperation