• ishani_sharma 5w

    She's is narcissistic and toxic

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    Once she got everyone out there laughing
    She's so irritated to listen them that she is smashing
    She is like a sinister, can't handle to see someone happy
    As if they are responsible for her disaster, how sappy

    Its toxic and harmful for me to see her feeling woeful for others
    She's so disgusted for the fact that they are celebrating like brothers
    Her awful act of wishing sorrow on seeing happiness
    Then trying to be a poor widow, shows her crankiness

    She curse them for their act of love
    She degrades her tongue, vomiting venom
    She's so awful and unlucky for every happy occasion
    That she always try to knock down people showing her fake depression

    I wish god help us to release, from her toxic trap
    Anything she says, it's always crap
    Weather it's in my favour or not
    But at least I'll be free from that rot