• writtenexpression 22w


    What makes you powerful?
    Is it the fact you have more money?
    I don't think it's all that fair,
    That a number defines greatness.

    The power in cash is disgusting,
    The rich create the issues of the homeless.
    The homeless strive for a bite,
    Or a place to stay.
    The rich eat big meals,
    Without giving others the time of day.

    It's just so sad,
    That if you don't have it you can't survive.
    If you DO have it,
    You're in a position of POWER.

    Wealth will for ever be looked up to,
    The poor will be criticized.
    The wealthy have great jobs,
    While the poor can't find a position.

    Minimum wage keeps you at the bottom,
    $100,000 a year puts you at the top.

    How can people move forward without being given a chance?
    We need to spread the wealth, so we can all have an equal POWER.