• parisswet 22w

    Fearless destinies tempt me aboard,
    A hand offered in a secret revolution,
    There is only one sunrise for me,
    The one I am building strong with efforts,
    But I won't go crossing the horizon into the sea,
    When I am done.
    I'll go straight up to the magnificent and glorious heaven with a fulfilled destiny,
    Unaware, I set my boat forward now,
    The infinite expanse of the sea crouching below, waiting for a storm,
    Turning my face to the wind, a whisper of prayer, a revolt and I dive into the sea,
    It's no time to fear the uncertain,
    I won't ride a boat over my insecurities,
    Instead, I let its waves splash over me,
    One by one the waves would come,
    And finally I'll be done crossing the sea.