• fearsotherside 10w

    How do I explain this if I can't explain it to myself. At the moment I am in the middle of two timelines, in the spiritual realm, it's a big transition. I am clearing karma from 19 years ago. There is no "wrong" decisions, yet I feel however I tread, it has to be carefully, awareily (new word ).

    What I have learnt is that I have a completely different view of the world, I am different, I guess more me. With this view the same actions will not work for me anymore. Like certain frequencies don't work for me anymore. These frequencies come in the form of food, alcohol, conversation topics, places & people. My body reacts with skin irritation, gut issues, trying to reject that that no longer works for me. As if I have been shown my change & now to accept it & act accordingly.

    I realise one of my current lessons is valuing my voice & feelings. Also really checking myself & remembering boundries. I am so weak, my body is asking me to rest...again. It's testing my ability to be vulnerable too. It's so hard to feel, to listen to my innervoice, when I know that's what I'm being pushed to do. Part of listening is writing these posts, which if the resonate-they may help.

    Navigating old waters in new ones. Finding the voice I lost 19 years ago. To break the cycle. This is my opportunity to leave it all behind, you'd think I know how by now, I know part of me does. I feel I know, yet clueless at the same time, it's all very strange.

    All my upper chakras are doing their thing. I feel my throat chakras energy bouncing between my heart & third eye. There's been a subtle build up of tension in my head & it's as if alot of information is wanting to come in from up stairs, like there's a stack of 5 big books on my head.

    There's a week left of Saturn in retrograde, in Capricorn, where it's been the last 3years. If you have Capricorn anywhere in your chart you may be having similar feels. Saturn is tying up karmic cycles, balancing us out, any unfinished business is going to happen fast now. The bandaid will be ripped off-not peeled.

    Heart Chakra - Place hand on heart "I am worthy" "I am love" mantras. Look up ho'oponopono meditation.
    Throat Chakra - Meditate, Sing, hum, whistle, write
    Third eye - A break from screens, meditate, less light, close eyes & breath into it
    Crown Chakra - Meditate, wash hair, wear a hoodie, scarf or put your hair in a bun