• navjo_ 19w

    Was a class project, a twist on George Ella Lyons's "Where I'm From"

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    Where I'm From

    I’m from the thickness of my hair
    That broke many combs’ teeth
    From the pain it caused my mom
    To brush my hair neat
    I’m from turning my head to see
    Where Dora’s going next
    “Ouch!” as my mom smacks my head
    Signaling me to look straight
    Trying to do her best

    I’m from the breeze that ran through my hair
    As we drove to Rajan Appappa’s house
    From the excitement when I heard
    The plastic crackle inside the cookie drawer
    His eyes would meet mine
    As I grin like a Cheshire Cat
    Thin mint cookies, my favorite

    I’m from Coraline,
    “But we watched that a million times!”
    From the button eyes that taught me
    To appreciate what I’ve got
    I’m from not being able to say
    “Shut up” (because it was a curse word)
    But I still jammed to “Shut Up and Drive”
    During long car rides

    I’m from “Not until you’re 13!”
    To “Not until you’re 16!”
    To “As long as you live under my roof, you’ll follow my rules!”
    I’m from dodging wooden spoons and coat hangers,
    Saving me from tears
    Yet when Appa raised his voice the slightest,
    They poured like a waterfall
    From “Wipe your tears, no one wants to see that”
    To rubbing my sore eyes, trying to relieve the pain
    From the eyes that would forever
    Hold these memories in place