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    The Song Of Seasons

    T he freezing winds make me shrill
    H esitations overpowering as i dress myself
    E xiting from my comfy duvet.

    S prings arrive just after that
    O ozing from the small cracks
    N ecturing wild flowers bloom
    G rowing are the veges in the pleasant abode.

    O hh,now the winds bring warm memories of
    F eeling the temperature rise so up !

    S izzling now the winds are mixed with moist
    E ntering is the phrase of clouds
    A nd breeze.
    S ummons me to go out get drenched
    O n these saturated lands and air
    N ever leaving me shocked when
    S trikes a thunder with the hail.


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    The Song Of Seasons

    S ensing and change
    E ntering the environment
    A ffecting the ecology of the
    S urrounding that it passes by
    O ffering change of moods
    N ot only to humans but to all living beings