• poetfromheart 5w

    Together Forever

    I met U as a stranger..
    But the time spent with you was a game changer...
    It all started with exchange of a smile,
    I longed to be your friend..at least for a while..

    Had li'l hopes of talking to you again..
    To others it might sound quite strange..
    Appreciate your move to extend the friendship hand,
    I will always treasure to be your friend...

    Now that we have come a lil way longer
    I dream of spending our life time together
    I dream of together driving down miles
    With our own paths..music..n smiles

    I dream of irritating u to the core..
    Till U freak out n smile a little more...
    I dream of finding our own special spot
    Where U n I can just get lost..

    This journey of "our together forever.."
    ...can be all topsy turvy..
    But we can together make it lovely..
    For times where " all will go wrong"
    We would stand together to make "us" feel strong

    For times where others wud say "we told u so"
    We would stand tall to let rough times go
    For times when u feel giggling faces is now becoming a myth
    U wil have me as ur partner in crime to sail through with

    This may not be a fairy tale love story
    But I will keep fantasizing the dreamy glory
    For It isn't an accidental love..
    it's deliberate, it's intentional....
    it's purposeful & in the end it's worth it...