• songlessnightingale 6w

    Floating in an empty space,
    I can hear voices inside my head,
    Trapped in a cell with nothing but windows,
    My life is being watched,
    And observed by all,
    I can hear their voices inside my head,
    They don't know that I can hear them,
    They don't know I know they're there,
    I can't run,
    I can't hide,
    I'm trapped in this void,
    Break me out of this nightmare,
    Help me see the light,
    I can't ignore the voices,
    Though they only drag me down,
    I try to fly to freedom,
    But gravity is my enemy,
    It tugs at me,
    I am trapped in a floating motion,
    Between imprisonment,
    And freedom.

    #caption @mirakee #confinement #fear of what others think

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