• le_parrain 9w

    Complicated isn't it 

    To have someone who means so much more to you

    Than just a mere friend but not able to really be together as one 

    You laugh together, cry together and are always there to support each other 

    You're almost inseparable if you both had things your way 

    But there is always that one obstacle 

    One that has always been there before you met 

    To be more than just friends takes a new height 

    When you two admit that you don't just like each other 

    But crave the taste of each other just the same 

    But are too disciplined to act upon those urges surging through each other's veins 

    Only if you two could escape reality for a mere day and let time stand still 

    Who know what would happen then

    Once there would be no penalty for the unspeakable 

    But that's just a dream to remain in each other's mind for all times

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