• prajukti 10w

    This Is Where It Ends

    This is where it ends
    Our chapters of blank interactions
    Where we completely ignore
    Each other's existence.

    Wish you were nicer to me
    Wish I had the guts to approach,
    But neither you nor I did anything
    And so you got out of my hands.

    Didn't think you'd notice me
    But I waited for too long
    Far too long to make a move
    And only realised when the clock struck 12!

    You have your lover now
    Yet I stand in this darkness alone
    Good for you, she's a pretty woman
    Prettier than I can compete with.

    But don't worry darling
    About me or anything
    I'll steer clear, away from your life
    And never even look at you again.

    I have realised it's my fault anyway
    I cannot shift the blame to you
    When it was me, full of cowardice
    Who couldn't even give you a smile.

    But this is where it ends
    The incomplete chapters
    Our unfinished books
    Closes now, forever.