• vijay0 6w

    A secret

    A secret
    A few words
    Will say he
    "For who?",says she.
    He says ,"Let's be WE."
    But only indirectly
    She says nothing at all
    Not a small NO
    Nor a big YES at all !!!
    For a question not asked
    How could she answer at all!!!
    But he wants a small YES
    Without her
    He is a complete mess

    He then consoles himself
    Other than her
    You are blind to everything one else
    For his sake
    He pours love in FRIENDSHIP'S glass
    Not realising the ocean is too vast
    Now that fool gave her that glass
    She thought it was a present for her
    She thought he was happy for her
    But to her surprise
    She drowned in love itself
    When with him she feels "herself "

    Written above
    A secret,
    Now what will say she?
    But I know what will say he
    Only this time directly ,
    "Hey!! You, friend wannabe .
    For this time I ask directly.
    Do you wanna be with me?."

    But still I ask indirectly
    And that he is silly me