• naive_verses 5w

    I try to teach myself not to think too much,
    About things & beings around!
    but then isn't that me asking myself to be someone else..?

    Oh yes, we all worry and that's what and who we be...

    Trying to be a better or atleast the one that they think we can be,
    & there comes a point when you just give up on trying!

    On trying to be what we ain't meant to be!

    I have reached that point which is honestly just me whole heartedly and unapologetically being myself and saying to people that
    "yes, this is me."

    I laugh most of the times, joke around and I can be serious too and a little sad from the inside but I won't let that sadness get to you.

    I promise.
    I will love you as much as I can but if something doesn't work out,
    I am sorry for giving up in advance because I no longer have the energy to shout!