• satyamdharia 36w

    A Mother

    Echoes of weary panting
    yet, overwhelmed.
    At peace.

    When she first heard it,
    the cry her darling
    finally, released.

    With an exhausted smile,
    she knew her pain…
    has been worthwhile.

    So tiny and fragile,
    unable to walk.
    Before she knew
    her girl, was able to talk.

    Sheltering her precious
    from any hurt,
    forgetting her own,
    giving the world.

    Her little girl now
    was standing on her own,
    saying her vow
    while she silently admires
    how much she has grown.

    Her tears of joy
    drown in applauding noise,
    while reminiscing the moment
    she first heard her voice.

    Entrusting her precious flower,
    now in full bloom,
    with heavy heart and steps
    to her smiling groom.

    And until her last breath
    she´ll love her like no other.
    Linked far beyond death
    by the bond between
    a child and a mother....

    Happy mothers day...

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