• tardigrade 10w

    It's a man's world.

    I'm invincible,scars invisible
    inside I'm literal mess,I'm critical
    facade of manly individualism
    hiding the widening schism
    between my powers and role
    and my place on the totem pole
    of society. I've almost lost sobriety
    washing down the ghost,I'm fighting
    already have the status of a diety.
    valued for power & loved for authority
    the bigger my wallet, the more I'm mighty
    expected to drink down my pains,
    no matter howsoever intense,
    acerbic alcohol flows in my veins
    vision 20-20 in the patriarchal lens
    WTFog this opacity is dense.
    living life in the fast lane,
    insecurity is my gasoline,
    i am dying by the gallons
    all my family and friends
    in this race I can't sustain
    at the top there's only lonely men.
    about to shout in void,
    no wonder they're schizoid,
    atrophied emotions, judged for life
    for the paychecks they sign & not for smiles
    they brought onto friends & kids or wife
    still wondering if I'm right
    do me a favor and next time
    you read a news of suicide
    count them till the month is by
    and riddle me the reason why
    mens rate of choosing to die
    compared to women is twice.