• ennybim 10w


    CONNECTION: is the infusion of one external body to another external body for effective performance embedded with team spirit, effective communication and hardwork to produce a desired result/ output.

    RELATIONSHIP: is the coherent, lasting and continual existence of a good communication channel between two different bodies (individuals) having similar goals with the aim of achieving a purpose.

    Having a good human connection and a pleasant relationship with another being or mortal is stirred based on the perception, purpose, view and aim of both external bodies which is communal ( i.e. COMMUNICATION is the vital key and major element) and depends on the thinking and way of reasoning of both bodies about their perceptions to achieve a desired result.

    Various challenges such as: inability to comprehend or understand the other party involved, lack of trust, behavioural differences, having uncommon goals and visions, procrastinating, not moving out of your comfort zone, being incapacitated, are encountered when building a good connection and relationship which affects certain principles and standards that has been set to be achieved at a particular and appointed time.

    A good human connection and relationship is needed to build an empire( be it Financial, Social- Cultural, Economic.......) and it is a compulsory act that has to be practiced by everyone in achieving purpose.