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    We believe we need someone all the time. Someone to love us, someone to help us get through our dark times, someone to breathe us back to life, someone who gives us company, joy and laughter.

    But tell me something,
    Recall the first time you ever felt hurt, bad, sad, upset, betrayed, or numb; name the person who's been with you throughout all that mess. Been with you through everything, that life's ever thrown at you.

    You know who's been there with you through all that?? Read the first word again!!!

    Yesss, undoubtedly, its you!! Not your closest friend, family, love, neighbor, bestfriend or relative. It has, is, and will always be you!!!

    So I think you owe yourself an apology for being too harsh on yourself even after getting through all that alone, and taking yourself for granted; trying to fix and be there for people you love, while you've never really bothered about your own self.

    Cheers to YOU��❤����

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    And darling, you belive you need a knight,
    But you're not quite right;
    What you need, is a sword that's sharp enough,
    To help you face life, even when things get rough!!

    ©Sneha Saji Mathew
    Instagram: @always_foreverafter