• psycho_engineer 23w

    Blind Optimism

    The future really sucks, not in a realistic way. I can't see the future. But the idea of the future is so detrimental to the happiness of a person. For multiple reasons.

    One of them being is that we expect them to be amazing. Not a lot of people think about that, do they?

    When sorrow and future are mentioned in the same sentence, it's contributed to people thinking negatively of it.

    You ever consider that you just keep thinking that the future will go great for you, not bad. That's what's blinding us, we think it'll all go well so we never focus on making sure things don't fuck up.

    We work hard, but why work harder? It'll be fine, it's all gonna work out in the end.

    We never take responsibilities for our shortcomings that are a result of our lack of effort either.

    Something good happens "all according to plan."
    something bad happens "the universe is out to get me."
    Even though the universe is kinda is out to get you (evolution and animals and germs and all that shit).

    This positivisty bias is detrimental, it blinds us.

    We are literally being killed with kindness. OUR kindness.