• doie_venexist 25w


    Lately, I 've been feeling that Life's dull as ditchwater;
    Even the distant dawn merely seems delightful,
    my dreams are dead and buried deep inside the past's dumb days,
    darkness is prevailing over my diminished glee;
    though I pretend to laugh at pretty stuff,
    I'm lifeless deep inside;
    Yep, I'm depressed;
    depression's a bandit,
    snatching everything I had once;
    I wish I could explain depression to you,
    Depression is like having a disinterested cadaver
    Skillfully stashed in the crust of my body.
    I've been tryin' to question myself, "what is happening to me?".
    Scarcely I'd find condolence,
    I'm losin' my appetite,
    no longer I'm enthusiastic of appreciation,
    merely it matters my burning essence.
    everything is seemin' Dry as dust,
    I'm indeed turnin' dead to the world;
    Wish I could Put a damper on my depression,
    I ain't gonn' Dine on ashes;
    as it'd be deserting a sinking ship.
    Though I'm pissed off with my,
    life, a glimmer of hope is still sustaining inside me.