• unpoeticpoet 5w

    He did me wrong....
    He wasn't and could never be the one in whom I can take pride.
    But tell me...are you right?
    For you were the one and only in whom I took pride.
    He did me worse, you worsened it.
    I thought you won't leave my side
    No matter how much the severity of the situation rise
    But you proved that I was not right....

    When I believed you were mine
    You chose to be with the ones who told you that being with me wasn't fine.
    I'm getting punished for a never committed crime.
    You gave me deep wounds on my heart.
    I don't know how would it heal
    But I know for sure the task is of your part.
    Still I hope you'd be back someday
    Like the one of our first date
    Hug me tighter and never ever let our love fade...