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    About us!
    Many came and went,
    leaving only their traces,
    But my life was meant,
    to be your bouquet of roses

    You came one day,
    only to me, only for me,
    unlike a stranger's say,
    your words rung in me

    Lyrics of an unknown song,
    they made, like a drizzle
    before the start of a pour long,
    they were pure and subtle

    Days and nights passed,
    building the anxiety within,
    to see each other laced,
    in shy , love and grin!

    The dusk rose and day fell,
    Open doors awaiting your arrival,
    At once I saw you and fell,
    for life that will never shrivel

    Secret looks we stole,
    Silent talks we made,
    Stealthy hugs we bore,
    Special was that like a glade

    We exchanged rings,
    declared to be engaged;
    To you my heart alone clings,
    As you left , I felt caged

    Tears shed were never revealed,
    My eyes perhaps, they only conveyed,
    And you came swiftly, but worried!
    Your words of concern only stayed

    We began counting back and forth,
    awaiting the day to tie our knot,
    Then, we began walking our path,
    together always in love and lot!

    Time has never spared us,
    from the tough rides of emotion,
    nevertheless we are n't bogus,
    so life is now a fairy tale narration

    Reliving those moments of past,
    now as I pen these lines,
    I realize how far "we" have last,
    yet, not enough to fill all the blank sides

    Poems though, of this length,
    Never have I composed,
    I leave the empty pages forth,
    for time to fill the unknown, as supposed

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    About us!

    This being my longest poem,
    I still can't ink till the end,
    So, am leaving it to "Time",
    to pen the empty wend

    P.S: See my caption!