• siddharthajana 5w


    Rolling deep amidst broken waters
    Feeling lonely and deprived
    Can see us parting peacefully
    The void is sudden and severe
    Like a tailor bird hopping to death
    Or a crimson sky turning red
    Your words used to heal my inner substance
    I was thus consumed in being happy
    How the years have rolled by
    And your soul in my heart has gone
    Forever now dreaming of dark twinkling stars
    You stand in the way of my laughter
    As if by happenstance
    I feel cringed and tired
    From sensing your luminescent smell again
    I am curious of nothing except my aged condition
    Forlorn and bruised just as Jewish diaspora
    I have forgotten numbness and disorder
    An idiot of my own ego and self esteem
    My tears roll down all the way to my feet
    I can touch their dryness,their soul
    Frigid in the darkness that awaits me
    I can hear thunder claps and lightning ghouls
    Your love was too near yet too far for me
    Can no longer smell the devil's cove
    Twisted and tormented by temperature and reason
    Seems the rolling will last forever
    My life now a serpent's den
    Fragile and frivolous without love or purpose
    Your cries have uprooted my soul
    Where is the tip of the wave
    Is it as far away as the stars
    I must write to knock on the doors of life again
    Must forsake vanity and squander
    Creating a door of simplicity and veracity
    Contented in the moments that God has painted
    A state of peace and nonchalance
    Resting my soul now in time of the calm waves
    Beating down on my life's shore.
    My myself being long and sticky
    Being as ignorant as a honeybee
    And as sweet as humane.